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Hazelnut cookies

    Hazelnut cookies

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    Centumbrie artisanal cookies are handmade in each production phase. Only the best raw materials, natural ingredients such as our organic flours, carefully selected and then mixed with patience until the perfect dough is obtained.
    A small pastry laboratory made up of young energies who experience the encounter between traditional recipes and high pastry technique, all mixed with a pinch of flair. Without preservatives, dyes or chemical additives.

    Hazelnut cookies
    Hazelnut cookies are tasty and fragrant. The base mixture is shortcrust pastry made according to a classic recipe. Our proposal is an authentic shortbread, enriched with Italian hazelnuts and with a light vanilla note. Worked in the original shape, round with an impeccable central hollow, the cooking is at a lower temperature than the dry biscuit to ensure a high level of humidity with relative softness.



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