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Gift box Dop Oil and Centoleum Bio
Gift box Dop Oil and Centoleum Bio
Gift box Dop Oil and Centoleum Bio

    Gift box Dop Oil and Centoleum Bio

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    A box with our selection of oils chosen to measure for a precious gift that encompasses tradition, innovation and Italian design!

    The box is in sand-colored reinforced cardboard with a velvety Soft Touch color sheath. emerald green and shaded patern.

    Contains n. 2 housings for n. 2 glass bottles with a capacity of 250ml each

    This package contains the elegant satin DOP bottle with silk-screened label and our Centoleum Oil in a pretty glossy black bottle with semi-wrapping oil-resistant label.

    This pack contains the elegant bottle DOP satin and with silkscreened label and our Olio Centoleum in a pretty glossy black bottle with semi-wrapping anti-oil label.


    Extra virgin olive oil Centoleum bio allows combinations with less structured dishes, as it is obtained from more mature Italian olives that give us a more delicate and rounded oil.
    Food and wine pairings : green salads, steamed fish, fish soups, raw fish, croutons, meat tartare, steamed vegetables, soups and unstructured first courses, white wines,


    The DOP CM is certified organic, produced from olives grown in organic farming of the highest organoleptic and nutraceutical level, of great complexity and elegance. The savory bitter and spicy notes and the excellent complexity given by the typical hints of almond, artichoke and grass are thanks to: the traditional and typical cultivars (Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino, Dolce Agogia); of the unique pedoclimatic aspects in the Trasimeno lake area; the technological factors of our innovative oil mill; of human factors, which interact with everything to obtain the great quality that we intend to pursue, achieve and offer to our customers

    Food and wine pairings : bruschetta, structured first courses, red meats, game, legume soups, grilled vegetables, stuffed vegetables, structured white wines, important red wines



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