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Bean of Trasimeno Centumbrie KM0 - Legumes

    Bean of Trasimeno Centumbrie KM0 - Legumes

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    Bean of Trasimeno Centumbrie KM0

    The Fagiolina has been one of the greatest expressions of the Trasimeno area since the 1950s. Subsequently, the Fagiolina almost disappeared, also because it requires a lot of care, especially manual during the harvesting period.
    Unlike other legumes, its maturation is gradual, the small beans must be harvested every day for a couple of weeks and only the last harvest is done mechanically. Those lucky enough to have a bag of Trasimeno beans in their hands will be able to experience a very particular taste that stands out for its delicacy; the skin is thin and not leathery, making it extremely pleasant on the palate. In the mouth it is tender, buttery and particularly tasty.
    The modest dimensions of the seed make the preparation phases in the kitchen simple and quick, the result will be a soft, delicate but at the same time very tasty legume!
    It is a legume truly suitable for everyone because it is gluten-free and also meets the needs of vegetarians and vegans.
    The Centumbrie bean is grown in full respect of organic farming, without the use of pesticides and herbicides, in the land adjacent to Lake Trasimeno.
    Delicious in combination with grilled fish or white meat and our Monocultivar Dolce Agogia!



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